About Us

  • At IGY6 (I’ve Got Your 6 Foundation), we specialise in Life Coaching for those living with Disability, Veterans and their families Counselling for NDIS participants and Business Coaching for small to large organisations.

    We support you to find confidence, resilience, and sense of belonging – wherever you are in your journey. Whether it’s finding your first job, working towards deeper career fulfilment, starting your own business or working with towards a positive mindset, our skill building and personal development programs support you to reach your goals.

  • We help you find and understand your purpose in life and realistically fulfill your dreams, whatever they may be.

    Our programs cover the whole spectrum of life experience – from building resilience, supporting families, improving mental health, building friendships and becoming the best version of yourself. We believe:

    • That everyone deserves to live an empowered and independent life. We support our clients to do this and to reach their goals in both their personal life and careers.
    • That everyone is unique – so while we have a structure that we follow to support our clients’ journey we understand that every person we support has specific challenges, circumstances, and goals.
    • That building confidence, resilience and harnessing strengths is such an important part of building independence and achieving goals.

    Our commitment is to go above and beyond to support our clients with the highest level of care, compassion and service.

  • At IGY6 our programs are available privately , funded by the NDIS, funded by DVA (when going through a Rehab Agency), and via our grants and donations – and if applying for the NDIS feels overwhelming, we can help with that too.

    Our sessions are one hour long and are delivered 1:1 with our Life Coaches and Councellors. Sessions can be held at our Chadstone office in-person, or online from anywhere in Australia.

About Life Coaching

A Life Coach is a professional who provides guidance and support to individuals in their personal development and helps them achieve their goals

The Coaching Institute

A part of that process is often to support and encourage our clients through personal or career challenges and help motivate them, encourage them to achieve positive change and to overcome fear and self-doubt. We help our clients set meaningful goals so they can create a life on their terms and close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Executive Team

Cristina De Moraes Leme

Cristina De Moraes Leme


Cristina is a multi-tasker by nature. A mother of 2, Lucas and Bianca, her highest personal achievements were on the birth of her children in 2005 and 2010, who she loves and lives for.

Cristina's experiences go beyond her education. She was an exchange student via the Rotary Club to the US twice, worked as a tour guide at Disney World Florida for 9 years, won the highest Rotary Club Prize as a Paul Harris Fellow, lived and worked in the UK and speaks 5 languages.

Cristina was nominated and short listed as Woman of the Year by the Kingston Council in 2020 and 2021 due to the amazing work she has done within the disability sector. Cristina has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication with major in Marketing and Advertising, a Post-Graduation course in Business Marketing, followed by a specialised course in Marketing, PR & Advertising in the UK. Cristina is a Neuroscience Practitioner and has several qualifications in Life Coaching: Professional Coaching Certification, Master Coaching Alliance, Professional DiSC Certification, Accredited Coach.

As a professional, Cristina has held several high positions in Marketing, Business Development, General Manager and Managing Director as well as business owner. She has had many achievements and successes in businesses, including growing a business from a start up to making 7 figures (and very close to 8) in just 4 years. Cristina’s passion for helping others comes second to none and after working in Age Care and Disability for years, developing businesses and achieving high goals, Cristina accepted the CEO position at IGY6 Foundation in order to help others achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves: people living with a Disability, Veterans and their families and many many businesses.

Despite her high education, nothing has come easy and after considering herself an underdog, Cristina achieved many of her goals in life.
Mental Health issues came into place and Cristina overcame her fears. One day after another. The stress of her previous role, the breakup of a marriage and sadness of her children have not been easy. However, one thing is true, Cristina has never given up. What helped Cristina the most was working with a Life Coach who completely helped her change her life and continues to do so.

If she's done it, anyone can do it. You just need to focus on it and be open to change your mindset.

Cristina’s hobbies are spending time with her kids and partner, riding motorbikes, going to the movies as much as possible and her beloved rescue greyhound, Zuca.

Do you want to talk to Cristina directly? Click here to email her.
Siobhan Cargill

Siobhan Cargill

General Manager

Siobhan has a Certificate IV in Disability and went on to study Nursing after completing her Certificate IV. Through studying nursing, she discovered that her passion for working in the Disability and Mental Health sectors were much stronger than that of her passion for Nursing so decided to continue to just focus on Disability.

Siobhan has worked in the Disability Sector for the past 7 years having done numerous different roles from working as a Support Worker, working as a Client Relationship Coordinator, moving onto Support Coordination and Managing the Service Delivery Team.

Siobhan is very passionate about working with people and has spent many years volunteering in different areas within the disability sector, aged care, volunteering with people who are facing homelessness and with people who are struggling with mental health disorders and substance abuse.

Siobhan’s aim at IGY6 Foundation is to help people living with a disability as well as young adults find employment and find happiness in whatever they do.

Siobhan has a qualification as Life Coach and has worked with NDIS participants, Veterans and their families.

Siobhan’s passions outside of work are music, history, literature, and parkour.

Do you want to talk to Siobhan directly? Click here to email her.
Amanda Freeman

Amanda Freeman

Senior Life Coach & Mentor

Amanda comes to IGY6 Foundation having trained extensively in a range of person-centred, evidence-based techniques and strategies over the past 25 years, including Life Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and as a Reiki Master Teacher and Trainer. She is also certified in Circle Facilitation, Feminist Coaching Theory and Workplace Wellbeing and is currently undertaking a Diploma in Counselling. She is almost finished. Just needs the time to complete it.

Amanda began her career in community Pharmacy, moving on to work as a Personal Care assistant and Care-coordinator in the Aged Care and Disability fields up until the birth of her 2 children. In 2010 she opened her own business working as a Life Coach, Mentor and Healing Practitioner combining self-care, self-awareness and energy awareness with practical strategies. Amanda has supported hundreds of clients in Australia and worldwide in many different areas, including: clients living with disability, mental health, grief and loss, clarity and confidence building, burnout recovery, small business development and growth, professional development and personal development. For the past 18 months Amanda has been learning more and working with Veterans and their families as she has extensive understanding of PTSD.

Amanda is deeply passionate about the issues of inclusion and diversity as she lives with hidden disability herself and is raising two amazing queer and neurodiverse young adults. She loves educating herself on person centred therapies and strategies, anti-racism, ableism and social issues that impact marginalised communities and taking action to help build a better world.

When she’s not holding space for her clients, you’ll find Amanda at home with her family among the trees in Melbourne, walking in the forest, swimming, drinking herbal tea (with chocolate of course), reading, resting and most likely snuggling her Cavalier puppy Frankie and new addition Tilly.

Do you want to talk to Amanda directly?  Click here to email her.
  • John Giampino

    Being medically discharged from the Army in 2017 after 31 years’ service was the lowest point of my life. Spending most of my life alongside like-minded soldiers only to find myself on the other side of the fence was the day I lost my self-worth. It was a daily struggle just to keep myself in a happy place.

    One day I decided to get on with my life and find something that would give me the same form of joy the Army did. I’ve always loved to fix things, so I sat for my carpenters ticket and started working for myself but my company just didn’t function the way I wanted it too.

    I founded I Can Fix That (www.icanfixthat.com.au), however it wasn’t until I did the program with IGY6 that I was able to make it a professional business that employs other Veterans.

    Via PTSD I developed anxiety and depression and explored assistance with the NDIS. I was referred to a Life Coach who changed my life more than I could imagine it was possible.

  • I am very grateful about what happened to me and I am proof that the IGY6 program based on Neuroscience, works. I am a different person, lost 37 kilos and changed my mindset.

    I am very proud to have become the Ambassador for IGY6 and helping people is what I love doing. IGY6 has already helped many other people on the NDIS as well as Veterans and I hope that we can help many more.

    John Giampino


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“I have worked with other coaches over the years, but none have been so in touch with my needs and committed to my success as both Cristina and Amanda”.

"I've felt so incredibly supported by Amanda, Cristina, and the whole IGY6 team since I started with them in March 2023. My business has come so far over the past year, but gained momentum so much faster once I started getting coaching from IGY6. 
I am autistic and have ADHD and finding business resources that cater for a neurodivergent brain is not easy. Having a coach who helps me not only overcome the difficulties these conditions present but to embrace and make the most of them is a breath of fresh air in an industry that usually demands conformity to a given social norm.
From budgets and business plans, to support with handling stress and negative self-talk, and managing a business while dealing with disabilities, IGY6 have brought what I need to my sessions every time. 
I'm so grateful to IGY6 for giving me the support, tools, and motivation to succeed. I strongly recommend IGY6 to anyone who is trying to "go it alone" with their business aspirations - getting a coach is a wise business move, and IGY6 is an industry leader in the disabilities sector (and beyond!)”


Business Coaching Client, Business Owner

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“I’m open to things I never would have thought about doing”

“I’ve been working with my Life Coach for 6 months now. When I started I had low self-esteem and not a lot of self-believe, but Amanda at IGY6 has really changed this for me.
We do heaps of reflection activities, which I really enjoy and it has made me as a person and an job seeker more open to things that I never would have thought about doing this time last year. Amanda takes the time to listen to me and is always supporting me through. Amanda has done a new resume and cover letter for me that I can use.
I would highly recommend IGY6.”


Pre-Employment Participant

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If you are thinking about it - just do it!

“I have been working with IGY6 for a few months now and it has been so helpful in clarifying what’s important to me and what my goals are for my future. I have two children living with disabilities and focusing on myself for a change has really helped me. Just having someone listen and help to untangle all the thoughts in my mind and put it on paper and then create an action plan with clear targets has been invaluable. My Life Coach really cares and is passionate about supporting me.
I have been recommending life coaching to all my friends and have no hesitation in doing so. If you are thinking about it - just do it!”


Life Coaching Client

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My Life Coach helped me see things in my life that I could not see…

My Life Coach has made a huge impact in my life and has been unbelievably helpful.  I felt that she really had my best interests at heart and did everything she possibly could to help me not only practically but energetically and emotionally too. 
I was encouraged to show up even on bad days and when I did that I was accepted and nurtured. This helped me see things in my life that I could not see and helped me determine the practical and emotional steps to take to achieve my goals. 
I highly, highly recommend IGY6 to anyone and everyone! Thank you so much! Xxxx


Life Coaching Participant

Board Members

John Giampino

John Giampino


I served 31 years in the Australian Army as a Marine Specialist, deploying to Bougainville, East Timor, Afghanistan, and Solomon Islands. My jobs included trade related postings around Australia operating Army Watercraft, instructing both in trade and regimental postings and Warrant Officer Class One Senior trade advisor for HQ 1 Division and HQ 17 CSS Brigade.

Unfortunately, due to my injuries, I was medically discharged from the Australian Army in 2017.

Not long after my medical discharge, my mental well-being and self-worth started to deteriorate, and I was admitted to Ward 17. Between my admissions, my life went from bad to worse and in the end, I attempted suicide. It was at that stage I knew I've hit rock bottom and the only way I could get out of this feeling was to start climbing.

I started doing what I love to do most and tried to turn it into a business but I knew nothing about marketing or how to even brand my new business. I knew what I wanted but needed the right mindset and understand the ins and outs of running a business. That's when I turned to 'I've Got Your 6' and explained to Cristina what I and my business was all about.

Cristina was great, helping me with a positive mindset as well as branding, promotion, web design, and even the logo. IGY6 really came through when I needed them the most and after two years, 'I Can Fix That' (my business) is thriving and making new clients along the way. I am much better mentally and finding a new purpose after serving for 31 in the Army has been a life changer.

When IGY6 asked me if I was interested in being their Chair, I jumped at the chance because I knew what it was like to have very little self-worth and how to be in a negative space. Talking with other veterans and people living with disabilities about how IGY6 helped me get to where I am today. I am very thankful to the IGY6 and very proud to say what they do works.

John Giampino
Lyn George

Lyn George

Board Member
Liaison Officer

I am happily married to a Vietnam Veteran for 51 years. We proudly have two children and four grandchildren. I completed Year 12 in my 30’s to obtain a Bachelor of Nursing Degree at University and became a Registered Nurse. I nursed for nearly 30 years before retiring in 2018.

Currently Level 2 Accredited Wellbeing Advocate for Military Brotherhood Military Motorcycle Club (MBMMC) Vic West Sub-branch. I also dabble in needlework selling crafts locally. While all this is good for my soul I was still yearning for something for me, ‘some self-nurturing’.

Cristina CEO and Amanda, my Life Coach both from IGY6 helped me nurture self-compassion and gave me a sense of meaning and purpose in life. 

With IGY6 my purpose is to liaise with others, take action and walk beside them instead of pointing them into the direction of help. 

I am now proudly a Board Member and Liaison Officer for IGY6 Foundation.

Lyn George
Dave Hill

Dave Hill

Board Member

I am a veteran of 2 tours to Afghanistan and now I am a Board Director for IGY6.

After I left the army in 2017, I became a police officer in Victoria but had to leave due to my injuries sustained whilst deployed overseas. During this time, I struggled with addictions, depression and a heavy lack of motivation for life.

At the same time, I lost quite a few friends to suicide and decided it was best for myself to go into a phase of repair in my life. 

I tried everything from group therapy, kinesiology, EMDR and even some holistic therapies. Whilst they all played their part, I was still missing something…I was still looking for my new purpose in life.

Eventually I was made aware of I’ve Got Your 6 Foundation and the Life Skills Management program, and it was just what I needed. In the first few weeks I struggled to talk or even turn my camera on but was encouraged to turn up to the Zoom meetings, even if I was not feeling my best. Slowly I started to do what I needed to do to have control of my life.

I found direction, purpose and a new drive for life that even now, 18 months later, my life has never been better. I am working in something I never thought I would be able to, happily engaged, soon to get married and we have a wonderful baby daughter.

I am endlessly grateful to IGY6 and I would highly recommend this to anyone who’s looking a purpose in life after Defence.

Dave Hill

Benefits of Neuroscience

Neuroscience has become a buzz word in recent times, frequently making the headline for all manner of discoveries. The buzz is justified. Unlike most major fields of science, neuroscience was pretty much just a baby as little as two decades. Not now though, there are literally a whole slew of research breakthroughs happening each year, which makes neuroscience a seriously hot topic.

Moreover, neuroscience affects many human functions, but it also contributes to a better understanding of a wide range of common conditions, such as Down syndrome, autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD, addiction, schizophrenia, brain tumours, Parkinson's disease and immune system disorders.

Human brains function with neuroplasticity, the “elastic” aspect of our minds that allows us to change, adapt and reorganize. Throughout our lives, regardless of age, our brains create neurons and make fresh neural pathways as we experience things for the first time.