As former members of the Australian Defence Force, your employment not only gave you an income and meaningful work, it also provided you with camaraderie, social networks, training, and a structured career path.

Out of a sudden, that’s all gone, and you are not sure where you belong and what to do next. We understand you may have social needs and we can help with that. Successfully!

A cohesive family environment provides one of the most essential protective factors for veteran wellbeing. However, the impact of military life means the families of DVA personnel also have complex needs. As well as lack of support networks, alcohol use disorder and related domestic violence are higher than average within veteran families, so your rehabilitation plan needs to address the family’s needs as well as your needs.

If you would like assistance, we have a number of programs to help you and your family members.

Whether you are a veteran looking for work, looking to start your business or looking to improve your mental health state, we can assist. You may have left Defence recently or you left years ago. That does not matter. What matters is how ready you are to get better. We also help and support family members to go through difficult times when times are hard for you.

Talk to us. We are here to support you. We’ve got your six.